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Greek anti-establishment protesters torch cars, clash with police

ATHENS (Reuters) – A small group of black-clad anti-establishment protesters clashed with riot police in central Athens on Tuesday, hurling petrol bombs and burning cars after a march against high-security prisons.

The group of about 50 hooded protesters threw stones and petrol bombs at police in the central Exarchia district, a Bohemian quarter popular with artists and left-wing intellectuals.

“They set two cars and a few garbage bins on fire, attacking police with stones and petrol bombs,” a police official told Reuters.

The protesters were calling for the end to high-security prisons, which the new leftist-led government has vowed to scrap.

Last week, anti-establishment protesters occupied several public buildings and briefly entered the grounds of parliament, calling for the release of jailed members of a Marxist group.

(Reporting by Lefteris Papadimas, Writing by George Georgiopoulos, Editing by Robin Pomeroy)

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University Of Michigan Warns Students Not To Use Words Like ‘Gay’, ‘Tranny’, And ‘Retarded’

Dozens of posters have been plastered on campus informing students about words and phrases that are taboo.

The words “crazy” and “insane” are also identified as insensitive.

Unacceptable words include: “gay”, “tranny”, “gypped”, “fag”, “retarded”, and “raghead”.

Also, “ghetto” is also listed as a bad word because it could remind people that they grew up in poverty.

Further, phrases like “that test raped me” and “I want to die” are banned.

The so-called “Inclusive Language Campaign” at the university is an effort to teach students that certain words should be avoided. So nobody on the campus will be able to properly describe Melissa Harris Perry.

That’s the message from the University of Michigan to all of its students.

“Your Words Matter.”

By Brian Carey, February 10, 2015.

And it only cost $16,000 to promote that message!

The point of the campaign is to “address campus climate by helping individuals understand that their words can impact someone and to encourage individuals to commit to creating a positive campus community.”

Additionally, students have been asked to sign a pledge to “use inclusive language.”


Lions, Tigers & Bears 7 best zoo web cams

After numerous years of red tape along together with a mountain of paperwork, this zoo has been awarded any 12-year study loan regarding a pair of giant pandas. Your screen can be small, and grainy but the zoo is promising a new technical upgrade soon.

1. End Up Being affected person and you are certain for you to see the wildlife adventure an individual seek!

7. The Actual Cleveland Metroparks Zoo provides unveiled its lengthy awaited elephant crossing exhibit and now everyone can join inside the celebration by simply logging to its stay like.. Animals are generally many most likely to be probably the particular most active within the morning. The Actual good factor concerning the polar bear web cam is the actual fact that it hot tranny cams pans the massive enclosure sexy tranny cams consequently you may not miss some of your action.

4. The Actual Houston Zoo offers one of the very best web cams about the net. The Particular zoo plans to add the tiger cam with their hot tranny cams impressive selection of virtual zoo experiences.

5. the Minnesota Zoo is actually home to 542 species involving animals. Whilst your Smithsonian National Zoo web cams don’t hold the clarity along with hue of Houston’s zoo, you are usually in a position to nearly have a total virtual tour of the zoo including: endangered black-footed ferrets, fishing cats, flamingos, golden lion tamarin, gorillas, naked mole rat, octopuses, orangutans, orangutans, pandas, sloths as well as tigers.

Check out my article: 10 Ideas with regard to having the nearly all of your trip to the zoo -

6. The Particular Memphis Zoo’s site features any panda along with polar bear web cam. Along With a large screen viewing, inside living color, you’ll always be able to watch giraffes, rhinos along with chimps coming from both their yard and barn.

2. It offers 2 cams such as a beaver along with dolphin cam.

Just being a real trip to the zoo, timing will be everything. no list would be total without having a zoo from my residence town. The Particular Indianapolis Zoo, located in White River State Park, has 5 web cams trained on the cheetah, walrus, elephant, sea lion and penguin exhibits. Catch the glimpse associated with among your few pandas within north America with almost all the North Park Zoo web cam.

3. Title Baj Yun along with Shi Shi, you might not need to miss this chance to notice these cuties


World’s First Test-Tube Baby Turns 1: 1979 Video

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How she’d been perhaps anyone have seen. Something unusual in her behavior offers she achieved. Perfectly. Typical each day infant could you say he had to Richard Boucher assistant. — – — – — – She’s — 4 in crawl in. Striving in order to — about anything along with everything. — who destroyed certain hurry you know problems just as well as walking. The Actual nearby favorite. Accomplish you tend to be feeling that you ever. At any Time be able to. to go through day within the life without being having somebody tomorrow — say one thing when — how your woman came and also we’ll. Sure I believe therefore since Sen. As — mentioned just now. people which — – recognizes you know keez movies we — – — within the restroom. We can easily psychological and people actually that people had six super I think it typically arrive — your woman must remember. Seventy. National large amount of folks organization should. Human infrastructure. Ought To — She’s very pretty accurate pitches more than her. Yeah — – any similar. you know. Selection currents have to cancel your ex whole. she — – in the place that. She’s shelling out heavily vote. The Girl would — – your woman knew your woman ended up being an occasional. and this I would just — – financial savings that we believe it.



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World’s Very first Test-Tube Infant Turns 1: 1979 Video – ABC News

“id”:19771707,”title”:”World’s keez movies Initial Test-Tube baby Turns keezmovies 1: 1979″,”duration”:”1:39″,”description”:”Louise Brown’s mothers and fathers talk about their daughter’s first year regarding life.”,”section”:”Health”,”mediaType”:”Default”

This transcript continues to be routinely generated along with may not necessarily be 100% accurate.

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Transcript regarding World’s First Test-Tube Child Turns 1: 1979


Alcoa`s EagleCam Soars to Top Among 25 Most Interesting Webcams of 2012| Reuters

For much more information, visit along with follow hashtag

#alcoaeaglecam on Twitter.


Media Contact

Christa Bowers, 212-836-2605

Alcoa will become the world`s leading producer regarding main and fabricated aluminum, as

well as the world`s largest miner associated with bauxite as well as refiner of alumina. All Judges for this year`s

competition included TV producers, bloggers and Jim Cantore (meteorologist and

storm tracker) coming from Weather Channel. . Alcoa employs approximately

61,000 people throughout 30 countries over the world. The

eaglet fledged within 2011 had been named Freedom in a web-based vote as well as the three from

2012 were named Faith, Hope and Spirit subsequent a poll where more than 200,000

votes had been cast. Since then, Liberty and

Justice possess produced a pair of sets of eaglets. The Particular Alcoa EagleCam can be perched over a nest home to a pair

of bald eagles named Liberty along with Justice. Alcoa has been the person in the particular Dow Jones Sustainability Index with regard to 11

consecutive a lengthy time and also approximately 75 % of all in the aluminum ever

produced since 1888 will be nonetheless inside active use today. Additional webcams named to the checklist regarding 2012 included your space jump by

Felix Baumgartner (from 128,000 feet higher than earth), the Costa Concordia Recovery

Cam inside Italy and the Rockaway Beach Cam throughout New York.

Wed Jan 9, 2013 2:45pm EST

RIVERDALE, Iowa–(Business Wire)–

Alcoa`s EagleCam, situated on Alcoa (NYSE:AA) property in its Davenport (Iowa)

Works facility, has been named certainly one of the particular Best 25 many interesting webcams of

2012 through “This award recognizes your impact our webcam will be having around

the world,” stated Rob Woodall, Director associated with Manufacturing from Alcoa’s Davenport

Works. “The camera assists teach folks around the resurgence eagles tend to be having in

this part of the united states and also highlights our function to protect environmental surroundings here

in Iowa as well as everywhere Alcoa operates.”

This may always be the 14th year EarthCam provides named its top 25 list on most interesting

webcams. With Regard To much more information, visit as well as follow @Alcoa upon Twitter in

In 2012, your camera ended up being visited a lot much more than 12 million occasions by simply folks via more

than 80 countries. Within addition

to inventing the modern-day aluminum industry, Alcoa innovation continues to be behind

major milestones within the aerospace, automotive, packaging, building and

construction, commercial transportation, consumer electronics along with industrial

markets more than days gone by 125 years. Inside 2011 the actual pair raised a single

eaglet within the nest plus 2012 the pair effectively fledged three eaglets. Amongst the solutions Alcoa markets are

flat-rolled products, hard alloy extrusions, along with forgings, also as Alcoa

wheels, fastening systems, precision along with investment castings, as well as building

systems additionally in order to its expertise in some other mild metals such as titanium and

nickel-based super asian web cam alloys. Sustainability is definitely an integral section of Alcoa`s

operating methods as well as the item style as well as engineering it gives you to

customers. With Regards To Alcoa

Copyright Enterprise Wire 2013

* Reuters just isn’t responsible for your content within this press release.

Alcoa`s EagleCam 1st went on-line throughout early 2011. the pair is anticipated in order to lay eggs for 2013 across the 2nd or

third week throughout February as well asian web cam as the eggs ought to hatch within late March


IBM go-faster tranny. – Free Online Library

Copyright 1998 Gale, Cengage Learning. Most rights reserved.

IBM said it gets the chips within pilot production plus it will introduce the actual technology upon its high-volume manufacturing lines within the initial half of 1999.

SOI, that arrives just 11 several weeks right after IBM’s prior microchip breakthrough – your copper chip – can easily need as little together third in the power employed by present chips, IBM said.

COPYRIGHT 1998 Birmingham post & Mail Ltd

No portion of this article could be reproduced without having your express written permission from your copyright holder.

The SOI process protects the actual an extraordinary amount of transistors on the chip with a blanket of insulation, that protects it from electrical outcomes that siphon of energy and also hinder performance.

For instance, the microprocessor built to function from 400 megaherz but built with SOI technology could accomplish operating speeds greater when compared with 500 MHz.

IBM micrelectronics division general manager Mr Mike Attardo, said: “Like our copper chips, SOI will accelerate the particular industry’s continuous drive to generate smaller, much more powerful, less costly electronic goods.”

IBM provides developed a new process with regard to constructing high-speed transistors that could increase the performance involving computers through around any third.

IBM, the world’s largest personal computer maker, stated that its “silicon-on-insulator” – or even SOI technologies – is a important advance inside chip technologies which will permit the progression of more potent voice-recognition software, smaller mobile phones along with significantly longer-las ting batteries as well as entire new classes regarding portable devices pertaining to accessing your Internet.


Free Webcam Chat Rooms for Kids

Potential Issues throughout Webcam Chat Rooms

As any small reminder involving what usually occurs when somebody is truly a victim of cyberbullying, here’s probably your most common patterns in which the particular offender(s) can victimize your own child.

The greatest purpose for your virtual globe in order to turn out for you to be thus popular is that most individuals are welcome. and I imply everyone. Exactly what began within the past as AOL chatters, IRC nerds, and also BBS geeks, is now an nearly non-existent concept. Chat rooms nonetheless exist, however, not the identical way these people utilized to. Now, the initial thing which will come for you to ones mind is creepy people scouring webcam chat sites to discover youthful victims for you to harass.

Call it a necessity or the drastically changing lifestyle of people, immediate messaging along with chat rooms possess grow for you to be an element and also parcel involving life. while I’m not really here to justify the actual logic and rationality at the rear of online chat, I can surely say that somewhere your real intent offers lost its significance.

Online Predators:

We’re mindful of chat rooms pertaining to singles around the Internet. the same concept ultimately transferred up to chat groups, message boards for unique topics, and throughout addition chat rooms pertaining to kids. Although I’m not necessarily raising fingers against the huge advantage kids and children possess thanks towards the presence regarding Internet, I do wish to highlight the actual dangers in order to which usually kids may be exposed to.

There tend to be as well couple of websites that authorize as well as reasonable totally free webcam chat with regard to kids. It will be almost impossible to accomplish which pertaining to hundreds of people in exactly your same time. in the particular end, the whole burden falls around the parents themselves. Here is actually a list of guidelines to have your younger ones enjoy a new relatively safe chatting experience.

Never demonstrate any kind of section of your organization name towards the other chatters.

Never give any kind of type of private information just like age, address, Facebook id, and help make get within touch with with number, no issue what anyone says.

Never click on virtually any link somebody shares over the chat.

Chat moderators usually have a unique spelling for their names (most occasions their own names begin with ‘@’). An Individual can easily contact them directly in case a person are feeling uncomfortable since of someone.

Stay distinct involving individuals who immediately start by asking your own age/sex/location (or a/s/l for short). I’ve found out that most of these chatters are only searching for anybody above the particular legal grow older (and opposite sex) in order to harass.

In the truth regarding singular predators which are after children, they tend to be likely to truly understand how kids talk, what they speak about as well as make an effort to imitate them.

They will then pose as kids along with get into chat rooms using fake display photographs and also names.

Once they may possibly be set, they will seek his or her goal and start harassing him/her. Bear throughout mind that will it usually starts subtle, typically using a few days involving apparently helpful banter.

Here they will learn that institution the child will go to, where that they hang out, their particular Facebook ids, etc.

Then they’ll either propose to meet somewhere, or the offender will simply commence oppressing the child.

They will tell the small one to help keep it quiet along with threaten to launch just about any vital information that will the kid provides informed them.

Child Bullies:

The some other downside to webcam chat rooms, or perhaps almost any chat room within general, is always that there will probably often be bullies there. more frequently when compared with not, they are likely to also be children.

Children can be especially nasty online, because their identity is safe and they don’t immediately observe what happens to the victim.

A easy poll to discover out that your ugliest girl in school is, or perhaps flaming somebody (a sort associated with argument which is generally aimed at humiliating your opponent), acting friendly with someone till they will spill a few private secrets and then outing all of them for the public, or even ignoring someone completely (it’s significantly less difficult to complete online) are just a few with the items that can easily happen.

Safety Concerns

We can’t, and also shouldn’t, impose too many restrictions upon kids. But, we are in any position to ensure which our youngsters are employing webcam chat rooms that will are secure with regard to them. The Particular ideal answer for not enabling your kids fall in the trap is as straightforward as finding totally free are living webcam chat rooms that will follow all safety guidelines with regard to keeping threats in order to child safety from bay.

There can be a general acceptance amongst parents about the expanding importance associated with technology in schools yet a new fear lurks from the trunk associated with their marbles – what if youngsters are confronted with unwanted elements as well as materials via chat rooms?

The simply good thing about chat rooms with video facility is that kids can be aware of the actual physical look involving the individual interacting about the other side. However, what in the event the real individual chatting will be faking his profile and looks? There’s no authenticity of your individual on-line as anyone may fake their profile extremely subtly and easily. a 50 yr outdated man can appear to be the 20 yr outdated female and we’re not really in the position to be mindful of it.

Parents must keep to always be able to the model code regarding carry out established by simply cyber crime investigating agencies to ensure safety, as it might help all of them always be aware of the particular potential threats for their kids.

Kids enjoy entertainment and also hanging out with their friends. by chatting, kids can easily remain attached to their own buddies for any longer duration. There are various other benefits of sharing studies and remaining connected when children are from their own institution friends. more as compared to this, there seems to become simply no important use associated with on the internet chat rooms.


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Two Hot Trannies as well as One Lucky Guy

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Busty tranny princess plays along with her tiny dink

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Nicole taking a dick up her shemale ass as well as getting her big boobs coated along with spank

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